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Group Coaching

Our group coaching programs are designed for people and companies who are just starting, or kickstarting, their entrepreneurial journeys yet are committed to growing themselves as owners and their businesses.  These programs are designed to achieve certain performance levels in preparation for growing your business and taking even more advantage of what it can do for you.

Here are some details:

  • Complete business diagnostic
  • Meet 2x per month via zoom or in person
  • Assign bi-weekly action plans
  • You will be in a group with 2 other business owners
Group coaching

Fundamentals to move your business forward.

Group Coaching is designed for smaller companies to get you and your business up to $50,000-60,000 per month in revenue. You’ll work in a group of 3 business owners who will meet and follow the same type of program as one to one coaching, in smaller chunks, to get their businesses strong enough for their first employees and growth steps.

MentorCLUB is another option, and is a great fit for companies that are hiring their first few employees and have the desire to become a better business owner but are stuck regarding how to get those big plans and ideas implemented.  You’ll meet regularly with your coach and 2 peers to take advantage of collective growth and experience.

Some of the many ways you’ll take action include: (See below)

Realistic Goal-Setting

Set your company’s goals purposefully, with clarity on what you’re creating and how you’re going to accomplish it.

Leverage and Cash Flow

Learn how to create systems that run smarter, so you do more with less and attain consistent profitability. Also focus on the fastest, most immediate ways to increase your marketing results.

Setting You Apart from Competition

Discover what differentiates you in your industry, and learn how to get more of the customers you want. Develop loyalty programs to keep these customers coming back, again and again.

Your Dream Team

Build the team you’ve always wanted and become a leader who inspires, retains, and recruits great people. Of course you’ll do this without even needing to be there by working ON your business instead of IN it.

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