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This proven program helps you identify any limiting beliefs that may be holding you back from the business success you deserve. I will help you change these into empowering beliefs through a positive mindset, real strategies, and a roadmap for well into your future.

KickSTARTER is all about investing in yourself to be more productive, efficient, and profitable.

Here are some details:

  • 4 sessions in 4 weeks
  • Group Sessions
  • You will be part of our small business community
  • Specific add-ons and customizations available
Professional Development

Blended Learning on Behavior, Techniques & Strategies

It is difficult to impact yourself on how to be more effective when you’re just getting started. It takes a sustained effort over time, with ongoing reinforcement through interactive and structured materials, as well as committed coaches who take a personal interest in helping you to grow both professionally and personally. 

We believe that mindset matters more than skills. Limiting Beliefs hold back more business owners from success.  Our proven KickSTARTER program works to help YOU identify and change limiting beliefs into Empowering Beliefs, which then prepares a positive mindset for improving skills that yield better results. This program will help you walk away with real strategies and a roadmap to success with the mindset to propel you to faster results.

Our training philosophy is simple. It is designed in four phases:

Session #1: Personality Profiles

Learn about the four DISC profiles and how to tailor your approach to each. You’ll also get an overview of the rest of the program and its tools.

Session #2: Financial Goal Planning

After gathering the necessary information, the end result of this session will be to create a one-year revenue goal and expense forecast for your business.

Create a 1-year revenue goal and expense forecast.

Session #3: 10 x 10 Strategy Session

This third session is all about marketing. You’ll have strategies to attract the right target market, along with identifying the best places to focus your marketing efforts.

Create the marketing strategies to attract the right target market along with identifying the places to focus your efforts. Set the KPI’s for activities and focus.

Session #4: Put it All Together

This final session is where you’ll hone your self-managing skills by developing habits for warding off procrastination, limiting interruptions, and investing more of your time in the “zone.”

Time - Management = Self-Management – Develop habits for warding off procrastination, limiting interruptions, and investing more of your time in the “zone”. Create you “Default Calendar”.

KickStarter Program

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Professional development is a process, not an event.  Our blended learning approach involves 4 live 1-hour sessions, plus 4-6 hours out of session work, focused on helping you implement new attitudes, behaviors, techniques and strategies to drive remarkable results. 

This approach includes accountability for periodic self-assessment and self-study resources.  It works with you to remain focused on achieving your goals.  By the end of the 4 sessions you will understand how to use and reinforce the key steps to your future results.

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