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ProfitCLUB is designed for small companies and employees who need coaching & education to get to $10,000 – $12,000 in revenue per month – and seek a confidential peer group where there is group accountability and a good cross-pollination of ideas.  This is a game changer for professionals involved in sales, or who need to increase sales to grow their businesses.

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Blended Learning and Strategic Guidance to Increase Profits.

Homework Review

Previous session’s plan to make sure you’re on track. Talk through what worked well, what you need to test/adjust, and what you need to systematize so you stay on track.

Education Section

Your coach will deliver bite-sized pieces of education from the ActionCOACH system that are appropriate for the group each session.

Hot Seats

Two members of ProfitCLUB each have an opportunity to resolve a real-time issue in their business with the help of the coach and the rest of the group. This has proven to be one of the most valued parts of ProfitCLUB, because your coach and peers give you unvarnished feedback so you can really learn, and the strategies are easy to implement.


Annual GrowthCLUB membership so that you know the right things to focus on to grow every quarter

(4 Quarterly Planning Days - $1,980 value).

ProfitCLUB Program

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This is a fast-moving, 90-minute session that meets every other week.  All the information, strategies, tools and templates of the ActionCOACH system are available during ProfitCLUB and will be selected based on what the group needs during the session.

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