What you should know

Family is always first

I love what I do for a living, but what I live for is my family. Freelance consulting has brought great balance to my life so I can be an active participant with my wife and kids. Everything I do is for them, and love that I can have a job that allows me true work/life balance.

The clients that I have worked with over the years understand that kid sick days, field trips and family vacations are a real thing, but also that I give everything to my clients and never miss a deadline or drop the ball on an important project.

How I got my start

I grew up in a family of entrepreneurs. Which basically means a bunch of work-a-holics …who are stubborn as all hell. My mom and all her brothers and sisters have their own businesses, and there are 8 of them. All of them have dedicated their efforts to enrich the lives of their family, and follow their heads and hearts to chase the American dream. As a kid I remember the hustle of that life. At a very early age I was working with my mom on rental properties and numerous projects. I got the bug early in life and my passion and work ethic are a direct result of seeing how hard they all worked.

After graduating college I did what most marketing majors do and got a sales job and bartended on the weekends. I loved sales and was a natural at it. I’d continually hit company best numbers and was given extra responsibility often. However, I kept getting pigeon holed when trying to advance my career. I would continually get passes up for bigger positions because I was told I was “too valuable” in my current role.

An opportunity came up to be a part owner of an animal care facility with my mom and with the my frustrations in sales, I quickly jumped at the opportunity. I won’t bore you with details of the venture, but will say I learned more in those 6 years then I could have learned in 20 at college. The long hours, the inability to pay yourself, having to learn new jobs daily… the list goes on. It was an unforgettable journey where we turned a piece of vacant land into one of the Midwest’s premiere animal care facilities.

As the animal business grew, so did my ambition to do bigger things. I started meeting with smaller business owners who asked me for advice on how we grew our business. I gladly did it as a pay it forward type of thing, until I met with a guy who owned a fitness center. He was like… “Nick, you’re an idiot. You should be charging for this. This is your next step.” He was right. It filled my need to serve and allowed me to be creative. Not only could I control my own destiny, but I could work with businesses (like the ones my family runs) and help them grow. It was a match that was meant to be, and I couldn’t be happier with where my career has taken me.

Don’t Forget About the VIDEOS!

Along the way to “freelance consulting glory” I found a passion in creating videos. One of my calling cards and intro pieces is letting people know that I am slightly internet famous. Over the years brands have paid me to be an idiot on camera. The videos I’ve made with some of my partners have garnered over 100 million views.

The New Agency Model

Doing things the RIGHT WAY

As my consulting business grew I quickly realized it was getting bigger than I could have ever imagined. I needed help to figure out how this was going to work for me. The one thing I knew was that I didn’t want to create another agency. That model is broken. 

  • No Transparency/Communication
  • High Turnover
  • Layers upon layers
  • Can’t deliver what they promise
  • High fees

All I’ve ever wanted to do was help small businesses grow. So to be able to help as many as possible while staying within my model I created a company model unlike any other. Here’s what I offer:


    • I don’t have employees. Instead I start a company for someone who wants to work with me. No one works harder than a business owner. Everything is on the line. I believe that empowering people to own their destiny leads to better work for my clients… and theirs.
    • I have systems and processes. From targeting to content matrixes to weekly recap emails. I believe in documentation and transparency.
    • I guarantee my work. If something wasn’t delivered that was promised, I will work at no charge until it is right.

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The assessment is a free look at your marketing efforts from the lens of a 20 year marketing veteran. I will give you constructive feedback and make suggestions for core areas of your digital ecosystem.