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Business coaching is is one of those things you don’t think you need until you’ve had it. If you are looking for a partner, mentor and resource to help your business grow, then we are going to get along great.

I’ll admit, before I got coached for the first time, I was a skeptic. I kept thinking… “How is this person gonna tell me how to run my business.” The truth is, it’s not about that. It’s about creating goals, documenting processes, and identifying areas that need improvement, and the most important thing, creating a system of accountability.   

Business Coaching

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Coaching Options & Investment

Individual Programs

One-to-One Coaching

If you are looking for a dedicated one-on-one coaching experience this is the option for you. You will meet with your dedicated coach 2 times per month and receive additional time for them to review your work and provide feedback.

There are different package options available and all one-to-one coaching packages include benefits like access to networking events, DISC profiles and FREE quarterly planning workshops.

1-to-1 Coaching
Group Coaching Programs

Work With Your Peers

Group coaching gives you all the knowledge and resources as one-on-one, but at a fraction of the price. Groups allow for shared time with me and other business owners as we tackle the process as a team.

This is a great opportunity to learn from other businesses as well as expand your network. Each group offers something unique for your business.

Group Coaching
Planning Workshops

Take advantage of learning opportunities

Looking to learn more about what coaching can do for your business? These workshops are a great opportunity to learn some business basics and network with other local business owners.

Each workshop is unique, but both offer free tools to help create structure and drive revenue in your company. 

Business Basics
Curriculum Programs

Programs with an agenda

Looking for more structure? I offer a number of group curriculum programs. These can be internal to your company only, or you can join a group with other business owners.

All of these programs have specific curriculum that is covered in each session. Most groups meet at least once a month and require work outside of the group. The biggest benefit to these programs is learning from other businesses and networking. 

  • (7) bi-weekly sessions
  • Generating Cash FLow
  • Team Building & Systems
  • (4) 1-hour sessions 
  • Behavior, Technique & Strategy
  • Financial & Goal Planning
  • (6) 1-hour sessions
  • Sales & Mindset Training
  • Time Management
Benefits of coaching

Your Strategies

The number and combination of the strategies that you implement during the program will depend on their size and complexity and your ability to undertake the workload involved. The order and priority of your strategies will be identified by you and your Coach during the Business Alignment process, but may change during the program in accordance with the needs of your business.

Your Coach has a wealth of experience to assist you in the following areas:

Identification of vision, values, and long-range plans to clarify where your business can and should go, understanding of the ‘SWOTs’ of your business, understanding the purpose of the business and how it connects with your personal goals;

Development of budgets, budget versus variance analysis, cost containment, cash flow planning and forecasting, and cash gap management;

Identifying the unique selling proposition and guarantee for your products and/or services, identifying your target market characteristics, and creating results-oriented marketing and advertising campaigns utilizing any of the following mediums: Social platforms, web-based marketing, direct mail, newsletters, host beneficiary and strategic alliances, referral strategy, repeat business strategies, TV and radio, fliers, company brochures, business cards, stationery and images, turning quotes into action plans, and networking.

Basic selling techniques, relationship and rapport building, questioning techniques, using marketing materials effectively in selling, developing sales processes, overcoming objections, and using sales scripts.

Systemization of how materials are ordered and people are utilized, how products are produced and delivered, flowcharting and creation of systems to increase efficiency and output, preparation of the business to work without your involvement.

Review of the persons currently employed, analysis of what positions need to be filled, job-matching people for those positions, development of organizational chart and position descriptions, conflict resolution and team building.

Development of personal goals, understanding of self image and internal positioning, plan for life-long learning, identification of behavioral styles and modalities of communication and learning.

Establishing ‘SMART’ goals, evaluating the outcome of each goal, systematizing the results of goal setting sessions to secure longevity of positive outcomes.

Motivation to achieve goals and complete strategies at an agreed-upon pace, support and encouragement, assistance with developing timelines, and overcoming obstacles to each strategy.

Bonuses for Coaching Clients

Membership Benefits

1. Business/Personal Alignment

Your ActionCOACH Business Coach will conduct a 4 to 6 hour Business/Personal Alignment with you during the Coaching Program. The purpose of the Business Alignment is to identify your personal and business goals, your business challenges, target market characteristics, and business practices currently in place. Then a plan will be developed to "align" the activities of yourself and your team to achieve your personal and business goals throughout the Coaching Program.

2. Team Alignment

For businesses with the equivalent of at least five full-time team members, a Team Alignment will be conducted with your team. The purpose of the Team Alignment is to unify your team behind your vision, to align your team's activity with your goals for the year, and to jump start the Coaching Program for maximum results.

3. GrowthCLUB Quarterly Workshop

Take a day each quarter to work ON your business with other ActionCOACH clients! A powerful day of education, planning, networking and sharing, you’ll create a one-page plan of your Top 3 Goals to accomplish during the coming quarter. Since this plan will be the blueprint for our coaching sessions during the quarter, participation in GrowthCLUB is mandatory.

4. Coaching Sessions

Your Coach will have 2 to 4 hours per month of Zoom, phone or face-to-face Coaching Sessions with you, depending on the Coaching Program you choose. These consultations will be used to set and review goals, discuss your progress, and troubleshoot your challenges. Additionally, your coach is always accessible during business hours by cell phone or email to discuss any unforeseen challenges or obstacles during the week.

5. Templates and Systems

Your Coach will give you complete access to hundreds of proprietary templates and systems developed by ActionCOACH to help you improve your business quickly and efficiently. These include business and strategic plans, marketing and advertising templates and scripts, operations manuals, human resource systems, budgets and financial plans, etc. Each week, your coach will supply you with the templates and systems you need to complete your weekly goals.

6. Critique Service

Your Coach will critique your work on marketing, sales, operations, team building, and financial management assignments between coaching sessions as needed. This service is designed to ensure that your implementation of strategies has the greatest chance of success. These critiques may be written, verbal or 'marked up' on your material.

7. Consultations with Suppliers, Customers, Professional Service Providers

As needed, your Coach may conduct up to four consultations per year with your key suppliers, customers, or professional advisors to understand their viewpoints, solicit their feedback, obtain ideas for the growth and improvement of your business, and coordination of our efforts. Your Coach may also coordinate a 'mystery customer' service, visiting your business anonymously to identify how your team performs and interacts with prospects and customers.

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