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Channel Strategy Creation

I create a strategy by defining your audience, crafting messages in their language, selecting media that is ideal for them and then track and adjust. My strategies are fairly simple in structure and entail the setting of 3-5 attainable goals per channel, defining why it is a goal and then creating a list of up to 5 action items that must be completed in order to achieve those goals. 

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Define 3-5 realistic goals

For each channel (ex: website, social…) define specific deliverables that will help you achieve a specific result. This could be adding functionality to your website or increasing CTR on your ads.


Write out why it is a goal

Write out why each goal is important. By noting the desired effect you will help create buy in with other departments so you can better align with cross functional teams and focus on the target.  


Call out the specifics

Create a bullet list of specific actions that have to be taken in order to achieve your goal. These are the building blocks for how you will structure your teams activities and assign tasks to your team.


Understand your KPI’s

When investing time, money and resources into these strategies you will want to know how it impacted your organization. Define the specific metrics that you want to track to see what impact was made.

Strategy In Action

A Guide to Designing Your Strategy

Use a simple tool like PowerPoint to build out your strategy and present to your company stakeholders.

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