2020 – Get Your Vision Back

What if 2020 is not a year meant to be viewed as a time of hardship, disease, and pain. What if the year 2020 was all about finding perspective and that perfect vision in your life. 20/20

This year has been unimaginably tough on almost everyone in someway. However, maybe we should be looking at this as an opportunity to gain perspective and have clearer vision moving forward. Here’s 6 things that I hope myself and the people in my network will start to see, believe and act on.


1. Respect Each Other

Let us see #BLM, #VegasStrong, #CancerSucks etc… for what it truly meant for… A segment of our country and our fellow human beings reaching out for help (If you are a catholic see Luke 15: 4-7). Of course, all lives matter, of course your cause is important and so everyone else’s. However, when a member of our community is in need we should be there to reach out and support. Not just because it is the right thing to do, but because when we need help, we should feel good about asking for it in return. People that lack compassion for others also lack perspective. I can never know what someone who is black goes through, just like I can’t understand what it’s like losing someone from cancer. I don’t know what it is like to have a special needs kid nor do I know what it is like to suffer from mental illness. But what I can do is realize that people may need support from time to time and that just because I didn’t go through what they have, it doesn’t mean it’s not valid or important.


2. Find Common Ground

Let us remember that is not about the left or the right or any direction in between. It’s about doing the right thing and being good people. It’s not about conforming to a side and telling people they are wrong. It’s about doing the right thing for the greater good of us all. Differences of opinion does not mean that someone is right or wrong. With so many people on our planet from different backgrounds and experiences it is normal and expected. We need to respect each other’s opinions and allow every side to speak from their heart on their beliefs. Then we have to accept that we are not alone on this planet and part of a group of diverse people. We may not always get what we want. The ability to respect and find common ground is the path to righteousness.


3. Be IN Your Community

While we all realize work is an important part of life, it is not the most important thing in our lives. This year should help you gain perspective on the importance of spending time with family and friends. Life is precious and the ability to spend your time with those you love is something you cannot put any dollar amount on.


4. Respect Each Other

We all come from different backgrounds and have different thoughts feelings and actions. Having the strength and intelligence to be able to respect other’s opinions and actions is a hard thing to do for most. May this year be a reminder of what happens when that respect, strength and intelligence is lost on us. It divides people unlike anything else in this world. Together we are stronger.


5. Life is short

Don’t spend the precious years you have on this earth being afraid, angry and hiding away. Let the house be dirty for a couple days, let the kids eat out once and a while. Enjoy every moment. Experience amazing food, go to exotic places, explore and be free. It sounds really cliché but the truth is we only do live once. Make the most out of each breath.


6. Generalizations Will Divide Us.

Yes, there are shitty cops, there are shitty people of all races and genders. There are shitty politicians, there are shitty lawyers, there are shitty construction workers and shitty businesses. But not all people, police, politicians, business fit into a category. Instead of making blanket statements see each person as an individual. See the good in each person and a find a reason to go against the grain.


While the pandemic is far from over and we have a long way to go as people, I hope this list can help bring you better perspective and better vision. Don’t let this be the year that we hope to forget, instead let this be the year that brought us better vision to become better humans. Be kind, love yourself and don’t ever forget to smile.

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