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Target Client Profile Questionnaire part 1

Please fill out the form belowPlease fill out the form below
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Please fill out the form below

To help organize our thoughts I created a quick and easy form that can be accessed by anyone internally at Innovative Signs. Please fill out the form in great detail and submit so I can start building out your core documents. 

First, Please list all your services

Keep it simple, list off things in bullet point form so people can quickly and easily see the specific "things" you do. Ex: - Outdoor signs - Indoor Banners - Parking signs

Next Let's Talk about your Unique Selling Proposition

In this section i want you to list out the "things" that make you unique. Ex: Instead of saying... We do quality work. Say... We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. You don't pay until you;re happy.
Please define all the "things" that make you unique

Finally let's define who is in your industry

We want to know who you are up against so we can do some research.
To get a feel for what we are up against, as well as define keywords, please rank your competitors. Ex: 1. Top competitor 2. Next best competitor 3. Next best competitor

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