What the Hell is a Pickle Fart?

Congratulations, you've just experienced the power of marketing.

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Here’s what I mean…

  1. Something caught your attention and created intrigue.
  2. You took an action to a place I wanted to send you.
  3. Now I can tell you my story so you can determine if we align. 
  4. Then, I create a free offer (see below) that will be of value to you.
  5. Next you fill out a form (to receive said free offer) and have now been converted from a suspect to a prospect to a lead.
  6. I then deliver you value (assessment), nurture the relationship and (hopefully) we work together.
Free Stuff Starts Here

Digital Ecosystem Assessment

Interested in working with me but want to try before you buy? What better way then to get a free digital ecosystem assessment. This free assessment covers 5 basic areas of your digital ecosystem, including…

  • Website (UI/UX, content, speed, SEO)
  • Social channels
  • Competitors
  • Search marketing
  • Email/Forms


About this assessment

This is a quick assessment. I spend roughly 2 hours examining 5 factors that contribute to your digital ecosystem. This process is supposed to simulate a prospective customer who is in the middle of the buyer’s journey, where they spend a little time briefly looking through your social channels, emails (possibly forms) and website to see if it fits them. So while it is a fast process, it is an honest simulation of what your customers may experience.


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The new<br>  <b>agency model</b>

The new
agency model

If you are like a lot of small business you've had some bad experiences with agencies. I am no different... except I worked for them. I saw first hand how the layered system of an agency not only created higher client costs but diluted the results because of agency layers. You get sold on the vision of the strategist, but get the work done by someone fresh out of college. 

After making $35k a year... and getting billed out for $125/hour I saw how these agencies took advantage of the knowledge gap that business owners had. So I decided to do something about it and start a business with no layers, full transparency and fast, quality work.

If you are looking for a better marketing solution for your business, we should talk. 

Did You Know?

I’m a C Level Internet Celebrity! Check out my collection of videos totaling over 100 Million Views!

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