Looking for Marketing <strong>Leadership?</strong>
Hello Buddy!

Looking for Marketing Leadership?

I hear you are looking for an established and multi-faceted marketing pro for Pure Peak Pets. 

While I realize you may be looking for a full time employee, I'd love to use this opportunity to pitch you on something a little outside of the box... that will not only accelerate your results, but cost you less.

Read on to see why

Fractional Leadership

Without the Long Term Commitment

A lot of companies want the experience of a seasoned marketing professional, but can’t afford the price tag. As your Business Architect and Fractional CMO I can work a set number of hours per month with your company, onsite or remote… and work seamlessly with your current team, or build you a team.

But wait there’s more.

Not only do I work as the strategic planner, I’m also the project manager AND can execute. With 15+ years experience in all facets of marketing I can be your hands on tactical resource or I can tap into my collective of established freelancers who own their own business. This allows me to generate instant results while building the structure and systems your company needs for long term success. 

Complete flexibility 

Scalable Model 

Expert Execution  


Let's get started with some Basics

15+ Years of Experience in...


Using a proprietary method to identify key attributes about the company and audiences, I build my clients the perfect brand. From logo's to brand guides, social graphics to website assets, I do it all. I have expansive experience with adobe products and believe in building templates to be used within a system.


Over 10 years experience defining and executing paid strategies for social and search. On average I manage roughly $5M in total ad spend per year across all my clients. Included in this is building landing pages and using tag manager and platforms like SEMRush for monthly and quarterly reporting.

Content Writing

From sell sheets, to social media to blog posts I have developed content strategy across multiple industries to ensure client messaging aligns with the strategy of each marketing channel.

Sales Systems

Working with clients across multiple industries I have created sales process workflows, LinkedIn strategies and executed CRM implementations via HubSpot, salesforce, Zoho and others.


Hear it from my previous clients

Did You Know?

I’m a C Level Internet Celebrity Check out my collection of videos totaling over 100 Million Views!

Same Blueprint, different execution

Your Marketing Plan Defined

Identify the sphere of prospects and referral sources that value and want your experience, knowledge, capabilities, expertise, products, services, etc… Find ways to give away bits and pieces of that value for free, and in the process you will position your organization as the ultimate resource and logical solution to their challenges, pain and needs. Strive for your organization to become the premier publisher of content around your core competency.


Ask yourself which of your existing clients you would like to replicate, which ones are the most profitable, the easiest to do business with, the ones purchasing the majority of your products or services. Identify their commonalities and the reasons your organization is valuable to them. Once you’ve done this, focus on communicating that value in their language.

Once you’ve identified your ideal prospects and referral sources, focus on delivering value to them and generating meaningful interaction in the process. By offering knowledge, information and other valuable resources, you can create a dialogue and exchange that brings them closer to your organization and guides them through your sales process.

Campaigns, activities, brochures and even your brand are only tools. Successful marketing like any other part of your business should be a system for communicating with clients, prospects and referral sources with the purpose of guiding them through the desired process. Each marketing effort should have clearly defined goals and measurement of success.

In simple terms, marketing should mimic the first several steps of the sales process that your sales staff guides prospects through. Marketing creates groups of targets that share enough in common that a one-to-one conversation can be had one-to-many. Your marketing system should serve to make your sales staff more efficient by allowing them to focus on solving specific needs and closing business, rather than creating awareness one prospect at a time.


Specific & Relevant To Your Needs

Here are some brief examples of past companies and clients that are closely related to your industry. I’d love to discuss these in more detail with you so you can better understand my role and the diverse projects I executed.

My Final Ask...

Start with a Fraction... end with a WHOLE lot more!

I invite you to explore my site to see how I think, who I am and how I approach Marketing.

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