Finding Strength in Weakness

For those of you that don’t know me… I’m a digital marketing and business consultant and work with a lot of ecommerce, B2B and family owned businesses. During this time of uncertainty I’d like to offer up some business advice to help you through these tough times.

While we don’t know what will happen with the corona virus, we do know what is happening as a result of it. By that I mean that more and more people are working remotely, school and group activities are being cancelled and we are social distancing ourselves. Why is this important to know? Mostly because this shifts how people will be interacting, consuming data and using their time. A lot more people will be researching articles on their favorite news websites and heavily using social media. This means that there are more digital ways to connect with your audiences and creates a couple of opportunities:

  1. Use this time to create awareness about your company. Find platforms to create meaningful ads so your target audience can “see you” when they typically wouldn’t. Take this opportunity to start off a relationship by offering up some value, and capturing their info so you can build your funnel and connect with them later.
  2. Assess your current digital ecosystem to find areas of improvement. Every company has gaps – but when we are forced to do business in a different way it gives us a unique opportunity to look at things through a different lens and correct some inefficiencies. This could be digital content strategy, digital ads, landing pages, sales process or anything digital. Use any down time to closely review and fix gas to better prepare for post-coronavirus life. Or better yet have me do it for FREE (see below).
  3. Build content. Most companies I know are at a little bit of a standstill on some projects. What better time than now to build case studies, write white papers and proactively create content schedules for email and social media. Use this time to be proactive and get to those things you or your team couldn’t before.

Those are probably all things you have already been thinking about… but now more than ever is the time to act on it. When I talk to prospective clients and review some of these things I commonly hear things like: We would have never known to look for that… or… my team is so busy we just don’t have the bandwidth for that… or… we just don’t have the budget for that. Sound familiar?

So let’s make it easy. I’d like to offer your company a free digital ecosystem assessment to help identify areas that you may be able to improve. This brief assessment will cover the following:

  • Website review (UI/UX – content – branding – on-page SEO – email/form – page speed)
  • Social media review
  • Search engine marketing
  • Competitor review

The assessment process is supposed to simulate a prospective customer who is in the middle of the buyers journey, where they spend a little time briefly looking through your website, social channels (looking at email offers/info) and comparing to competitors. As part of the assessment I will grade your current efforts based on industry best practices and then create a list of recommendations and potential next steps. Don’t think this is just for eCommerce businesses either. I have a long list of B2B clients who have found great value in this assessment as it helps identify areas of improvement throughout their sales and marketing processes.

This is a no charge, no commitment offer. Simply go to my website and fill out the form in the Digital Assessment area. Or even easier… just connect with me here in LinkedIn and send me a message. This will be a first come, first served basis – but I will complete one for anyone that asks before the end of March.

Times of change can be extremely challenging and I hope your family and your business stays healthy and motivated. I’m here if you need me!