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TCP QuestionnaireTCP Questionnaire
Hey Colby - Let's Figure out Your Audiences

TCP Questionnaire

Thank you for considering me as a marketing partner! Before I get started I have some basic questions to go over to help make the process as efficient as possible. 

The goal of this form is to collect as much known data as possible so we can identify who your perfect customer groups are and how to best communicate to them. Please fill out the form below with as much detail as possible. Putting the time in to do this right the first time will save time and money down the road. 

If you would rather fill out on a Google doc you can find that here.

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Company Info

This should be a really high level statement that talks about why I get up out of bed in the morning – what cause the business is working toward, and why anyone should care “People don’t buy what you do, but why you do it. The goal is to do business with people who believe what you believe.”
This should be a list of things that makes your business unique - your USP - Unique Selling Propositions. What do you do that is different than your competitors?
Make a list of all the services or "things" you do in your business. Be very specific and name everything.

Targeted Groups

These are groups of “like” people that we can classify as an entity based on how we sell to them or what products/services they buy from us. Ex: Buckets for a staffing company would be: 1. Candidates 2. Clients. Each group is communicated to uniquely but buys the same thing
Examples: Age, Income, City/Zip, Gender, etc... (list category and define what the ideal is for each.) *Do this for each group.
Ex: Short on time, organized, works from home, has kids, travels, has pets, etc.... *Do this for each group
Ex: Just bought a house, got a promotion (extra income), refinanced, good pricing, clear communication, etc...
Ex: High pricing, long wait for furniture, don't know who to trust, etc...
Ex: Tradeshow, billboard, Facebook, Instagram, etc...

Other Questions...

Ex: Email marketing, social ads, events, etc... Please add detail as to why it was a success.
Ex: 30% growth of website visitors per month, 10% growth in form submissions, 20% growth in social audience size
Name as many as you can
Ex: Social media, from customers, google search, billboards, etc...