Top 10 reasons why now is the time to work with a Consultant/Contractor
  1. The agency model isnt a fit for your budget right now. Bring more capability in house by bringing in an outside expert to set up a system and train your team.
  2. Your team is overwhelmed! Bring in an added resource to help support a small (or one person) marketing team. Use the consultant to bounce ideas off of, supplement work and help get alignment on strategy/direction.
  3. You need fresh eyes. Get an independent voice with diverse ideas. They can address issues and inefficiencies and then recommend and implement solutions. They aren’t biased and don’t care about office politics. They just want to get the job done right.
  4. Your business is complicated and unorganized. Consultants are highly organized and can bring structure and process to your team/company. They are also super flexible (not literally in my case) and can jump around to different areas as needed.
  5. You need… So. Much. Help. Consultants typically have great networks with complimentary professionals. You can tap into their network to fill other gaps.
  6. You want to invest in your team. While some companies pay for conferences and other training tools, it might be a better investment to bring in a consultant. They can tackle company specific projects and work directly with your team to complete them. They will bring in tools, processes and a new way of thinking that will enhance your teams abilities and get them thinking in new ways. They can also train your team on how to use new software and platforms.
  7. Your business fluctuates a lot. Contractors work can easily be scalable with your business and they are happy to jump in and out as needed.
  8. The Rona hit you hard and you had to let go of some key team members. If you’ve had to make unexpected cuts but still need some high level work done, consultants are a great temporary resource until you can fill gaps permanently. They can even help with finding a better permanent fit when the time is right.
  9. You need an expert. Consultants have industry or project specific knowledge your team may not have. They are also very quick to pick up new skills that may be needed for a new project.
  10. You cant afford top tier, full time talent. With consultants you get senior level talent, multi industry experience and you don’t have to pay taxes or benefits. They also typically work more efficiently. The other side benefit is that stakeholders are more likely to remove barriers when a consultant recommends something… even it has been on the table for a long time.

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