I’m A Quitter…

Yes, I said it… I’m a quitter. And here is why you should be to.

After graduating college, I started 2 jobs. I sold furniture during the day and bartended at night. After a couple months, I was pulling in $7k – $8k a month in commissions selling furniture… plus the $350 or so a night from bartending. Life was good at 23. While I loved bartending, I hated selling furniture. I felt like Al Bundy. That being said, I liked the company I worked for and knew I was good at my job. So instead of running for the hills, I wanted to move up and slowly grow into a corporate role so I could impact more of the business. I asked my boss if I could get promoted to a Manager. I was quickly denied. He said I was too valuable on the floor and that was not an option for me. So I gave my 2 weeks notice and quit.


Shortly after, I took another job with a large advertising company in an account support role. After the first 3 months, I was doing most of the work for the sales team and they reaped the rewards (huge commissions). I asked my boss for a promotion so I could be a full time Account Manager but was denied. He said I was too valuable in my current role and it wasn’t an option. So I gave 2 weeks notice, and quit my job.


Even at this early point in my career I was already seeing a trend and knew I had to go down a different path. Using a small inheritance from my grandparents, I invested in a new business with my mom. In 6 years we grew it to a multi-million company and sold it for a nice profit. During my final 2 years with that business I was approached by other small business owners who asked me how I built my business. It started out as giving out free advice over drinks or lunch until one day a guy I’m sitting with was like, “Nick… you’re an idiot. You should be charging for this.” And that was when I realized that owning my own consulting business was my calling. I could get paid to do the things I loved most, helping people and businesses. The rest as they say… is history.

So to the bosses that didn’t see what they had… thank you. Thank you for making me quit to chase something bigger. Thank you for making me realize that I CREATE MY OWN FUTURE.


At some point, each one of us is going to be put in a position where we will have to make a tough decision. Deep down you will always know the answer.

Quit the thing that holds you back. Follow your heart. Grind it out. Be the best you.

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